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  • Ply-Metal panels can be found in use in a wide variety of business. Applying a sheet metal skin to an appropriate core material can create signage, flooring, ceilings, walls, doors, cabinets, counter tops, fire walls, or containers, just to name a few.
  • Aluminum skins, 0.025" thick, on two sides of end grain balsa create a very strong light weight panel that can be used in cargo containers.
  • Galvanealed on plywood gives a rigid sign base to paint on, or an abuse taking floor.
  • Stainless steel on a plywood core can be used for flooring, or with a #4 brushed finish it can be a wall.
  • Decorative melamine aluminum on plywood is a great way to make a thin structural wall or door. If you use aluminum honeycomb it can also be a light, rigid ceiling.


Water Tight Seam Welded Edges Stainless Ply-metalStainless Steel Ply-Metal with

Stainless Steel Ply-metal with Seam Welded Edges provides for strength, moisture resistance, and fire retardation and can be manufactured with a wide variety of core materials can be water tight sealed by continuously seam welding the perimeter.



Tell us your requirements for custom composite panels with any combination of core and surface materials, including: foam, fiberglass, honeycomb, decorative HPL, metal, acoustic and thermal materials, bonded as flat or curved panels.










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